We are excited to offer our Fifth year of CAFE at Lakewood School!

We run mornings Monday-Friday 7:15-8:00AM and afternoons Monday -Thursdays 3:30-5:30PM with bus transportation home after the afternoon program. 

Just a few reminders for parents and students

1. If you are coming for the morning program- please come in the front door near the flag pole. This will be the only door available for CAFE students. There will be a teacher to meet you the first few days and show you to the room.

2. Parents who pick up after PM CAFE- please meet your student at the cafeteria door (same as last year). 

3. The CAFE dismissal time is 5:30 pm this year and  students who ride the bus may be a little later getting home the first few days until the bus routes are finalized. 

Any questions- please call or email Mrs. Wellhausen or Mrs. Destree.


Mrs. Sara Wellhausen Mrs. Stacy Destree
Rm 139 Room 149
(262) 877-2148 ext 139 (262) 877-2148 ext 149