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Gr 3



Alphabetical Adventure - Help click on the words in alphabetical order. 
Alphabetical Order - Put the words in alphabetical order. 
Alphabetizing - Put the words into the column in alphabetical order. 
Alphabetizing Game - Put the list of words in alphabetical order.
Alphabetizing Words - Put the words in alphabetical order.

Find a Word - Place the word on the page that you would find it in a dictionary.
Looking Up a Word - Put the words in order as you would find them in a thesaurus.

Capitalization and Punctuation

Capitalization - Read the sentences and decide which sentence is punctuated correctly.
Edit Dan's Copy - Help Dan edit his paper by adding capital letters and proper punctuation.
Question Marks - Help Zed put the tools in his shed by choosing the sentence that needs a question mark.
Sentence Clubhouse - First choose what type of sentence is given, then punctuate it correctly.
Trapped: Punctuation - Choose the correct punctuation or you'll be trapped. 
Wall of Words - Use the word bricks to make a sentence. Use the correct punctuation mark to end the sentence.
Zara's Capital Letter Game - Use the magnifying glass and choose which letter needs a capital letter.

Contractions, Plural and Singular Words

Contraction Match - Match the two words to the contraction.
Contractions - Read the sentence and type the contraction form of the highlighted words.
Fly By - Click on the correct plane to match the contraction.
More Contractions - Read the sentences and type the contractions for the highlighted words.
Plural Girls - Type the plural form of the word given.
Plural Play - Play Tic Tac Toe with a friend while you decide the plural ending of s, es, or ies.
Singular or Plural - Sort the words into singular and plural.
We're Here - Click the stack that matches the words and the contractions.

Parts of Speech 

Adjective Adventure - Click on the spider labeled with an adjective and feed it a fly.
Clean Up Your Grammar - Help clean up the beach while you decide if words are nouns or verbs.
Common and Proper Nouns - Read the sentence and decide if the highlighted word is a common or proper noun.
Noun Dunk - Decide if the words given are common, proper or not nouns at all.
Noun Explorer - Click on the fish labeled with a noun and feed it a worm.
Noun or Verb - Read the sentence and decide if the highlighted word is a noun or a verb.
Panda Mayhem - Click on the panda holding the sign with the correct part of speech.
Personal Pronouns - Identify and correctly use singular possessive pronouns (e g , my/mine, his/her, hers, your/s).
Trapped: Nouns and Adjectives - Identify and use pronouns, adjectives, compound words, and articles correctly.
Verbs in Space - Click on the robot holding the verb.



Acrostic Poem - Write an acrostic poem about any topic.

Diamante Poem - A seven line diamond poem that uses different parts of speech, to describe one topic or two.
Poems - Interactive site to create your own poem.
Poetry For Kids - Listen, watch, explore, and write different types of poetry.
Poetry Idea Engine - Tool to help you write poetry.
Shape Poems - Create a poem in the shape of sports, celebrations, nature or school themes.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Book Buddy - Choose a prefix or suffix to make a new word. Decide how that word can be used in a sentence. 
Fish 'em Up - Use fishing rods to catch the correct words in the water. Double the consonant or change the Y?
Flamingos - Decide if you need to add a "y" or "ly" to the word given.
Jellyfish - Type the prefix, base and suffix for the word given.
JigWords: Prefixes - Drag the prefixes on the right to what it means.
Practice With Prefixes - Change the meaning of a word by adding a prefix. Learn what prefixes mean.
Prefixes - Match the prefixes to their meanings.
Race to Ramses - Match the prefix to the base word and unlock the entrance to the pyramid.
Short Circuit - Restore power to Maggie's communicator while you match prefixes and suffixes.
Suffix Matching Game - Match the suffix to its meaning.
Suffixes - Type the word that goes with each definition.

Sentence Sequence

How to Build a Snowman - Read the clues and decide what happens next to build a snowman.
Story Scramble - Look at the pictures, read the story and decide what happened next.
Three Little Pigs - Look at the pictures and drag the pictures to what happened first to last.
Tying Your Shoe Sequence - Read the clues and decide what happens first, second and so on to tie your shoes.

Spelling and Site Words

My Reading Tools- Practice grade level words by breaking them down and listening to the directions.
Sandcastle Quiz - Practice spelling words with vowel combinations.
Spelling City - Teach, study, and learn grade level spelling and vocabulary words.

Addition and Subtraction

Add Like Mad - Click on the squares to add the numbers to equal the value of the problem given.
Adding 3-Digit Numbers Partial Sums - Video on using the partial sums method for solving 3-digit addition.

Alien Addition - Practice your addition facts.

Double Digit Math- Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing double digit numbers.

Math Majhong Addition- Click the answer tiles to match the question tiles.
Math Match - Match addition, subtraction or multiplication facts with their number sentence.

Minus Mission - Practice your subtraction facts.
Mystery Picture- Subtract and find the mystery picture under the tiles.

Pearl Search Subtraction - Click on the clam with the correct answer.

Sum Sense Addition - Drag the number cards to create an addition sentence that makes sense.

Sum Sense Subtraction - Drag the number cards to create a subtraction sentence that makes sense.

Fractions and Decimals


Decimals on a Number Line - Look at the decimals on the number line. Decide which number is missing.
Fraction Flags - Paint a flag using halves and quarter fractions.

Fraction Match Game - Play a memory game matching the fractions.

Fraction Monkeys - Place the monkeys holding fractions in order on a number line.

Fraction Race - Play a fraction game.
Making Equivalent Fractions - Match the equivalent fractions.

Money and Time


Cash Out- Make change for your customers.

Coin Madness - Add the value of the coins to make change.
Dolphin Feed - Feed the dolphins while you count money amounts.

Giraffe Dash - Help the giraffe win the race by telling time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour.
Giraffe Pull - Tell time using words.

Making Change from One Dollar - Figure out how much change to return.

Who Wants Pizza? - Fraction basics, equivalent fractions, adding fractions and more!

Multiplication, Division, and Order of Operations

Balloon Pop Multiplication -Solve the multiplication problem. Pop the balloons in order of smallest to biggest.
Baseball Multiplication Game - Play multiplication baseball against the computer.
Bracket Basics - Use brackets to find your answer.
Croc Doc - Brush the teeth of the crocodile with the correct answer to the division math problem.
Demolition Division - Shoot the tank at the correct answer to the division problem.
Fly a Kite - Practice multiplication fact families.
Function Machine - Decide the rule using either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
Input Output Boxes - Look at the numbers and the rule. Decide which number belongs in the box.
Matching Division - Match the pairs of division problems with their correct answers.
Math Frog: Order of Operations - Use math facts and brackets to find the answer.

Meteor Multiplication - Blast the meteor with the correct answer.

Multiplication Majhong - Click the answer tiles to match the question tiles.
Order of Operations - Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to find the answer. 
Penguin Jump - Help your penguin reach the finish line first by answering multiplication facts as fast as you can.
Picture Match - Choose multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. Pick numbers to reach the given number.
Quick Math - Choose either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to solve the problem.
Space Arrays- Use arrays in outer space to multiply!

Shapes and Symmetry

3D and 2D Shapes - Take a closer look at shapes, vertices, prisms and pyramids.
3D Exploration - Find 3D shapes in five different locations.
Calamity's Quest - Solve question about shapes, symmetry and position and solve the mystery.
Line Symmetry - Video lesson using nature, architecture and shapes to illustrate symmetry.
Lines of Symmetry - Choose which shapes are symmetrical and which shapes are not.
Reflective Symmetry - Draw and sort the shapes of vertical, horizontal, or both.
Shape Lab - A fun game that compares 2D and 3D shapes, fractions and lines of symmetry.
Symmetry Game - Find symmetry in 2D shapes.

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