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Staff Shout Outs

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Shout Out To Mr. Kluth:

"Mr. Kluth not only makes 4th grade fun, he keeps learning interesting. He communicates effectively through emails and Skyward to let us know what is happening in class. Thanks for all yo do for our students, Mr. Kluth!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out to Ms. Bashaw:

"A huge thank you to Ms. Bashaw for her patience with our son. Learning isn't always easy for him but his teacher is so encouraging."

-Lakewood Family

Shout Out to Mr. Kouvelis:

"Mr. K makes PE so fun! Our boys frequently talk about the great time they have learning sports and exercising in PE. Thanks Mr. K!"

-Lakewood Family

 Shout Out To All Lakewood Staff:

"Not only do you provide an education and teach our children everyday, you also keep them safe.  For that I'm very thankful and grateful to all of you. Thank you so much."

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Mrs. Destree and Mrs. Clanton: 

"A huge heart felt thank you goes out to Mrs. Destree and Mrs. Clanton! I have been a parent at this school for almost a decade now, and I have watched so many positive changes. This year didn't disappoint. We had one of the toughest years of our generation as parents, educators, and students. These two amazing teachers made it look easy and taught with compassion and love of learning, which kept my children engaged and thriving all year! I could not be more proud, blessed and grateful. Thank you so much!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Mrs. Niles, Mrs. Spangler, and Mrs. Yttri:

"Thank you for all your hard work in the office. From emails to comforting kids who are hurt or ill, you do just about everything! We appreciate you so much and seeing your smiles brighten our days!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Ms. Gonio:

"Ms. Gonio has the patience of no other and is great at communicating how my son is doing at school. Being a Special Ed Teacher doesn't seem easy but Ms. Gonio rocks it!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Mrs. Olson:

"Mrs. Olson is an amazing third grade teacher. She is great at keeping my son engaged and makes learning fun! Thank you for your hard work!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Ms. Raupp:

"Miss Raupp has been an awesome teacher for my son this year. She is so patient and always friendly. Thanks for all you do Ms. Raupp!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Ms. Gonio, Mrs. Pett, Ms. Killen, and Mrs. Robers:

"These fine ladies have given my daughter a platform to find out who she is and her capabilities. She is stronger and more confident in what she wants. She amazes us and herself with the many things she has learned that we were told by medical professionals she would ever be able to learn. She can finally express her feelings, including saying the phrase I never thought I would hear (I love you). She loves all of them and the transformation of my daughter is beyond amazing. The support they give my husband and me as her parents cannot be matched. Thank you all so much for helping my daughter unlock who she is!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Lakewood Staff:

"Our family has been so blessed to become a part of the Lakewood Family. Our kindergartener started during a year that could have been very difficult. Lakewood Staff have made her first year at Lakewood so full of kindness, fun and organization. Thanks to the amazing staff at Lakewood it's been a great school so far. We cannot say enough about how organized, honest and open you all have been during these times. Our daughter comes home so happy, which tells us how wonderful the staff are. She's been touched by so many. Ms. Zagar, Mrs. Carlson, Ms. Gonio, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Markee, Mr. MCanna, Ms. Weber, Mrs. Yttri, Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Spangler, Mr. K and Mrs. Hedrick thank you for all you do and special thank you for how you've touched our kindergartener in such a positive way!"

-Lakewood Parent

 Shout Out To Ms. Zagar:

"Thank you so much for how you have touched our daughter's life, it means so much to our family. You embody everything a teacher should be attentive, kind, thought-provoking and organized. Our daughter comes home so happy each day and ready to tell us all about what you've taught her. Thank you for all you do! Our family appreciates you more than you know. Kindergarten is such an important year for children and you've made our child's the most wonderful start to her years ahead at Lakewood. Thank You!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Nelson:

"You both are always there for my daughter and I through these rough times. We appreciate everything you two do for us. Thank you both!"

-Lakewood Parent

 Shout Out To Lakewood School Board:

"Thank you School Board for providing us a safe learning environment. We love seeing our friends again"

-Lakewood 7th Grade Class

Shout Out To Lakewood PTO:

"Thank you PTO for your continued support! The staff appreciates all you have done to support the students while we were at school and how you continued to support the teachers/staff while we were teaching from home. The yard signs were an unexpected surprise. It truly takes a village!"

-Lakewood Staff Member

 Shout Out to Mrs. Carlson:

"Mrs. Carlson has been, and continues to  be, an amazing Kindergarten teacher. She says just the right things to make every child feel special and loved. We are so thankful that our child was placed into her classroom this year. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Carlson!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out to Special Education Department:

"Thank you, thank you, for keeping my son engaged in learning (even though some days are more difficult)! He misses his school schedule but you are doing an excellent job reaching out to us through phone calls, emails and Seesaw to make the most of this e-school similar to “real school!” He loves seeing all of you and of course we know that because of his big smile!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out To Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Cox:

"Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Cox are always so pleasant when we go “visit” them in our new favorite “drive thru!” It’s so nice to have conversations in the morning with adults outside of our home. Thank you for being there to keep our children’s bellies full!"

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out to Mrs. Sullivan:

"Mrs. Sullivan have been doing such a great job to help keep school interesting and fun! She is so helpful whenever questions have come up. The girls miss her and say "thank you for all you do!""

-Lakewood Parent

Shout Out to Ms. Procarione:

"Shout out to Ms. P! You have been amazing and so helpful. Thank you for all that you do!"

-Lakewood Parent

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