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Gr 4

Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms

Antonym Match- Drag a word from the right to a word on the left that has an opposite meaning.
Antonyms - When you see the antonym of the word given, click on the button at the bottom. Be quick!
Furious Frogs - A game practicing synonym, antonyms and homonyms.
Word Confusion - Choose the correct homonym for each sentence.
Word Frog - Practice matching antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Mad Lib - Create your own fairy tale using a Mad Libs template.
Fairy Tales - A list of popular fables and fairy tales.
Fractured Fairy Tale - Tool to create fractured fairy tales.
Fractured Fairy Tale Mad Libs -  Create your own fractured fairy tale using a Mad Libs template. 

Capitalization and Punctuation

Big Escape: Lost at Sea - Help Dr. Know it all. Find the clues on the ship and correctly punctuate the sentences.
Edit Dan's Copy - Help Dan edit his paper by adding capital letters and proper punctuation.
Power Proofreading - Select 4th grade and then select a sentence to correct the grammatical mistakes.
Question Marks - Help Zed put the tools in his shed by choosing the sentence that needs a question mark.
Trapped: Punctuation - Choose the correct punctuation or you'll be trapped. 
Wall of Words - Use the word bricks to make a sentence. Use the correct punctuation mark to end the sentence.
Zara's Capital Letter Game - Use the magnifying glass and choose which letter needs a capital letter.

Grammar for 4th Graders

http://elcerritowire.com/4/grammar.htm - everything and anything about grammar for 4th graders

Parts of Speech 

2Bee or Not2Bee - Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence. 
Adjective Adventure - Click on the spider labeled with an adjective and feed it a fly.
Clean Up Your Grammar - Help clean up the beach while you decide if words are nouns or verbs.
Grammar Practice Park - Do activities with sentence structure, parts of speech and more.
Pronoun Clubhouse - Practice pronouns and build your own clubhouse.
Noun Dunk - Decide if the words given are common, proper or not nouns at all.
Noun Explorer - Click on the fish labeled with a noun and feed it a worm.
Parts of Speech - Read the sentences and decide which part of speech the capitalized word is.
Personal Pronouns - Identify and correctly use singular possessive pronouns (e g , my/mine, his/her, hers, your/s).
Trapped: Nouns and Adjectives - Identify and use pronouns, adjectives, compound words, and articles correctly.
Verb Viper - Practice using the correct verb tense.
Verbs in Space - Click on the robot holding the verb.
Wacky Web Tales - Create silly stories by using parts of speech and filling in the blanks.
Word Invasion - Match the parts of speech.

Plural and Singular

Irregular Plurals - Play a game matching irregular plural words.
Plural Girls - Type the plural form of the word given.
Plural Nouns - Figure out if you add an 's' or 'es' to the word.
Plural Play - Play Tic Tac Toe with a friend while you decide the plural ending of s, es, or ies.
Plural Y Endings - Type singular nouns into plural nouns.
Singular or Plural - Sort the words into singular and plural.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Suffix Matching Game - Match the suffix to its meaning.
Suffixes - Type the word that goes with each definition.
Word Works - Choose a prefix or suffix to make a new word. Decide how that word can be used in a sentence.


Doing the Dishes - How do you do the dishes? Number the sentences in order of what happens first to last.
How to Make Microwave Popcorn - Number the sentence in order of what happens first to last to make popcorn.
Making Cookies - Number the sentences in order of what happens first to last of how to make cookies.
Planting Flowers - Number the sentences in order of what happens first to last of how to plant flowers.
Washing Your Hands - How do you wash your hands? Number the sentences in order of what happens first.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Coconut Vowels - Practice spelling words using correct vowel clusters.
SpellingCity - Create and practice spelling words, site words, color words, and more. 
Wordly Wise - Language arts and vocabulary games and activities. 
Words in Context - The word given has two meanings. Read the sentence and decide which definition fits best.
 - Match the prefixes to their meanings.
Race to Ramses - Match the prefix to the base word and unlock the entrance to the pyramid.
Short Circuit - Restore power to Maggie's communicator while you match prefixes and suffixes.
 - Use fishing rods to catch the correct words in the water. Double the consonant or change the Y?  - Decide if you need to add a "y" or "ly" to the word given.  - Type the prefix, base and suffix for the word given.  - Drag the prefixes on the right to what it means.
Practice With Prefixes - Change the meaning of a word by adding a prefix. Learn what prefixes mean.

Addition and Subtraction

Addition Surprise - Fill in sums in the addition grid to complete a surprise picture. 
Alien Addition - Shoot invading spaceships with your laser cannon while practicing addition facts. 
Bowling Subtraction - Bowl down pins by answering subtraction problems. 
Island Chase Subtraction - Students from anywhere in the world can race one another and practice facts.           
JetSki Addition- Game that students from anywhere in the world can race one another while practicing their facts.
Math Baseball - Complete the number sentence while you play baseball.
Math Fries - Eat French fries that have math problems that equal a certain number displayed on top of the screen.
Minus Mission - Practice your subtraction facts.    
Sum Sense - Practice single digit addition by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.    
Tic-Tac-Toe Squares - Addition practice with numbers less than 50.  
Tugboat Addition - This is a multi player game, anyone can join to play against you.    

Decimals and Fractions

Adding Fractions - Add fractions with the same denominator.     
Balloon Pop Fractions - Click the balloons from smallest to biggest. 
Death To Decimals - Match fractions with decimal form of the number.     
Dirt Bike Tug Team - Compare fractions choosing greater than and less than.
Dirt Bike Proportions - Using fractions choose which proportion is correct to make your bike go faster.
Equivalent Fractions Match - Match fractions to correct answer.       
Fraction Model III - Explore different representations for fractions including improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and percentages. Adjust numerators and denominators up to 100.
Fraction Switch - Line up the fractions in ascending order.
Hungry Puppies - Add decimals together to find the number in the middle.
Puppy Chase - Match the fraction to the decimal.
Shade - Shade the figure to match the equivalent fraction. 
Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop - Play this great interactive game on fractions.


Estimation Valley Golf - Estimate your answers to the problems and putt your way into a championship!       
Home Run Derby Math - You don't have time to add, just estimate the correct answer.
Rounding and Estimating - Practice rounding and estimating numbers and decimals.
Rounding Off - Choose a level and round off numbers to decimals places or the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.


3D Earth Exploration - Find 3D shapes inside a picture.   
Alien Angles - Rescue friendly aliens by estimating the angle to where they are located. (to within 5 degrees)  
Identify Geometric Shapes - Match the shape with the correct name to uncover a picture. 
Symmetry Game - For each shape that is shown, determine how many lines of symmetry it has.
Grids and Coordinates
Billy the Bug and the Quest for His Grub - Help Billy the Bug find his food on the coordinate grid.
Dino Dig - Find the dinosaur bones using the coordinate grid.
Locate the Aliens - Friendly aliens are lost on the coordinate plane; enter the ordered pairs to rescue them. 
Sudoku - Play Sudoku.

Using a Coordinate Grid - Practice finding points on a coordinate grid.



Integer Warp - Multiply negative and positive numbers to find the answer.
Spider Match - Using negative and positive numbers try to make the number in the center of the web.


Cash Out - Give change to the customers and try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out.  
Count the Money - You have a number of coins. Decide how many more coins of a certain type are needed.         
Dolphin Feed - Feed the dolphins while you count money amounts.
Lunch Lady - Total the three items on ten lunch trays (one at a time) in three minutes.
Making Change - Calculate change then drag money to the counter using the fewest number of bills or coins.

Multiplication and Division


Baseball Multiplication Game - Play multiplication baseball against the computer.

Demolition Division - Blast the tank with the correct answer.
Division Matching - Match the answer with the division problem.
Math Bingo - Play Bingo while practicing your multiplication and division facts.

Math Mahjong Division - Click on the answer tile and the problem tile.

Math Mahjong Multiplication - Click on the answer tile and the problem tile.

Meteor Multiplication - Blast the meteor with the correct answer.
Multiplication Concentration- Practice your multiplication facts while you play Concentration.
Multiplication Mystery - Solve the multiplication problems and uncover a mystery picture.
Multiplication Station - Click on the number squares to equal the multiplied value.
Penguin Jump - Help your penguin reach the finish line first by answering multiplication facts as fast as you can.
Picture Match - Choose multiplication or division. Pick numbers to reach the given target number.


Probability Circus - Practice juggling the spinning plates. Choose the spinner that matches the probability.

Story Problems

Farm Stand Math - Multiply and add to find the costs of food.
Grand Slam Math - Choose between addition and subtraction or multiplication or division word problems. 
Math Hoops - Answer 5 word problems correctly then shoot hoops.
Thinking Blocks - This is an interactive math tool to help students learn how to solve multi step word problems.

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