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Gr 5

Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homonyms

Antonym Match- Drag a word from the right to a word on the left that has an opposite meaning.
Antonyms - When you see the antonym of the word given, click on the button at the bottom. Be quick!
Furious Frogs - A game practicing synonym, antonyms and homonyms.
Word Confusion - Choose the correct homonym for each sentence.
Word Frog - Practice matching antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.

Base Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

Greek and Latin Root Match - Match the Greek and Latin roots to their meanings.
It's Greek to Me - Learn about Greek influences on the English language. 
JigWords: Prefixes - Drag the prefixes on the right to what it means.
Line Match - Match the root word with its meaning.
More Greek and Latin Root Match - Match the Greek and Latin roots to their meanings.
Prefixes - Match the prefixes to their meanings.
Race to Ramses - Match the prefix to the base word and unlock the entrance to the pyramid.
Rooting Out Words - Help the dog gather enough mushrooms to sell by uncovering the roots of words.
Roots and Their Families - Type the correct Greek or Latin root word to make a word that fits in the sentence.
Short Circuit - Restore power to Maggie's communicator while you match prefixes and suffixes.
Suffixes - Type the word that goes with each definition.
Word Works - Choose a prefix or suffix to make a new word. Decide how that word can be used in a sentence. 

Capitalization and Punctuation

Beat the Clock: Contractions Game - Type the contraction for the given word.
Big Escape: Lost at Sea - Help Dr. Know it all. Find the clues on the ship and correctly punctuate the sentences.
Capitalization and Punctuation - Choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
Comma Chameleon - Click on the punctuation marks and put them in the correct place in the sentence.
Commas in a Series - Read the sentences. Decide which sentence is punctuated with commas correctly.
Edit Dan's Copy - Help Dan edit his paper by adding capital letters and proper punctuation
Grammar Practice Park - Do activities with sentence structure, parts of speech and more.
Parts of Speech - Read the sentences and decide which part of speech the capitalized word is.
Proofreading Makes Perfect - Correct the punctuation and capitalization mistakes in the sentences.
Power Proofreading - Select 5th grade and then select a sentence to correct the grammatical mistakes.
Punctuation Campground - Read the sentence and correct the punctuation.
Question Marks - Help Zed put the tools in his shed by choosing the sentence that needs a question mark.
Trapped: Punctuation - Choose the correct punctuation or you'll be trapped.
Sentence Shooter - Read the sentence and decide which end mark should go at the end of the sentence.
Wall of Words - Use the word bricks to make a sentence. Use the correct punctuation mark to end the sentence

Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Mad Lib - Create your own fairy tale using a Mad Libs template.
Fairy Tales - A list of popular fables and fairy tales.
Fractured Fairy Tale - Tool to create fractured fairy tales.
Fractured Fairy Tale Mad Libs - Create your own fractured fairy tale using a Mad Libs template. 

Parts of Speech 

2Bee or Not 2 Bee - Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
Adjective Adventure - Click on the spider labeled with an adjective and feed it a fly.
Brain Pop: Grammar - Movies to watch & learn about sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, and more!
Clean Up Your Grammar - Help clean up the beach while you decide if words are nouns or verbs.
Noun Dunk - Decide if the word is a common noun, proper noun or not a noun at all
Noun Explorer - Click on the fish labeled with a noun and feed it a worm
Personal Pronouns - Identify and correctly use singular possessive pronouns (e g , my/mine, his/her, hers, your/s).
Pronoun Clubhouse - Practice pronouns and build your own clubhouse
Trapped: Nouns and Adjectives - Identify and use pronouns, adjectives, compound words, and articles correctly.
Treasure Hunt - Choose the correct verb tense to complete the sentence.
Verb Viper - Practice using the correct verb tense.
Wacky Web Tales - Create silly stories by using parts of speech and filling in the blanks.
Word Invasion - Match the parts of speech
Verbs in Space - Click on the robot holding the verb.

Sentence Structure and Conjunctions

Complex Sentence Bandstand - Decide if the sentence is an independent or dependent clause, complex or compound.
Complex Sentence Camp - Add commas to the sentence and decide if it is a complex sentence or not.
Conjunctions - Read the sentence and click on the conjunction that fits best in the sentence.
Conjunctions: Set 1 - Read the sentences and decide which conjunction word fits best.
Conjunctions: Set 2  - Read the sentences and decide which conjunction word fits best.
Coordinating Conjunctions - Complete the sentence by choosing the best coordinating conjunction.
Sentence Seal Pool - Decide if the sentence given is compound, complex or compound-complex.
Sentence Sort - Read the sentence and decide if it is a simple, compound or complex sentence.
Using Compound Sentences - Add commas and conjunctions to make compound sentences.

Singular and Plural

Plural Fishing - The gnomes are waiting to go fishing. Will you catch the right plural spelling?
Plural Play - Play Tic Tac Toe with a friend while you decide the plural ending of s, es, or ies.
Singular or Plural - Sort the words into singular and plural.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Coconut Vowels - Practice spelling words using correct vowel clusters.
SpellingCity - Create and practice spelling words, site words, color words, and more. 
Wordly Wise - Language arts and vocabulary games and activities.
Words in Context - The word given has two meanings. Read the sentence and decide which definition fits best.


Angles Game - Try to shoot the space ship by estimating the angle where the space ship is located.
Banana Hunt - Drag the monkey to the approximate angle given. 
Fruit Picker - Try to get apples in 6 attempts by adjusting the angels on the dial.
Hitting the Target - Practice measuring angles and understanding the difference between acute and obtuse.
Squirt the Dog - Adjust the angles and try to squirt the dog.
Throw the Banana - Adjust the angle and speed to have the gorilla throw the banana at the other gorilla.

Decimals and Fractions

Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop - Convert improper fractions to mixed fractions.
Death To Decimals -  Match fractions with decimal form of the number
Decimal Darts - Calculate a decimal problem; then throw a dart at the balloon.
Decimals of the Caribbean - Match the decimals in words and numbers.
Decimal Switch - Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order.
Equivalent Fractions - Find the fraction that is equivalent to the fraction given.
Equivalent Fractions and Decimals - Decide which answer will balance the scale.
Fraction Dolphin Racing Game - Choose the fractions to make your dolphin swim to the finish line first.
Shade - Shade the figure to match the equivalent fraction.
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop - Make a pizza with toppings equivalent to the fractions.

Graphs and Grids


Billy Bug - Guide Billy to the coordinates to find his hiding food.
Graphing Integers- Practice graphing integers on a coordinate plane.
Maze Game - Use the points on a graph to move a robot to the target while avoiding mines. 
Ordered Pairs - Name the points that appear on the grid.
Planet Hop - Find and type the coordinates of planets.

Using a Coordinate Grid - Practice finding points on a coordinate grid.
What's the Point? - Choose a level. Find the x-y point on a grid.




Cash Out

 - Give change to the customers and try to sell as many items as possible before the time runs out.
Count the Money - How many more coins do you need to reach your target? Practice counting money.
Lemonade Larry - Calculate how much to charge each customer. 
Lemonade Stand  - Run your own business and try to make as much money as you can. 
Lunch Lady - The Lunch Lady (you) must total the three items on ten lunch trays in three minutes.
Math at the Mall - Practice money and decision making skills as you shop at the mall.
Money Game - Solve word problems about money. Make correct change from the cash drawer.

Multiplication and Division

Baseball Multiplication Game - Play multiplication baseball against the computer.
Crack the Code - Find the missing number in the series.

Croc Doc Division - You are a crocodile dentist. Choose the correct answer and brush the croc's teeth.
Demolition Division - Practice your division facts.
Division Matching - Match the answer with the division problem.
Math Bingo - Play Bingo while practicing your multiplication and division facts.

Math Mahjong Division - Click on the division tiles that have the same answer.
Math Mahjong Multiplication - Click on multiplication tiles that have the same answer.
Meteor Multiplication - Practice your multiplication facts.
Multiplication Station - Click on the number squares to equal the multiplied value.
Sudoku - Play Sudoku.

Stun Attack Multiplication - Get the frog with the right answer quickly, or he'll hide on you! 

Prime Numbers

Factor Trees, GCF, and LCM - Find the prime factorization of numbers by completing factor trees.
Factorization Forest - A game that students can practice their prime factorization skills.
Number Cop - Move the police car to intercept only prime numbers.
Prime Factorization: Prime Numbers - Enter a natural number to be factored.
Prime Numbers -  Click only on the prime numbers. The faster you click, the more points you get


Shapes That Tessellate - Create tessellations with triangles, squares, hexagons and more.
Tessellations Creator - Use this tool and create your own tessellations.
Tessellation Town - Create your own tessellations using different pictures.

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