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ABC Recognition
1. ABC Adventure – Fill in the missing letters of the alphabet..
2. ABCD Watermelon - Listen to the alphabet and choose which letter comes next.
3. Alphabet Blaster - Listen to the letter and click on the correct letter.
4. Alphabet Match - Match the letter to the animal.
5. Learn to Write - Learn to write the letters of the alphabet.
6. Letter Blox - Click all the matching letters in each row.
7. Letter Match - Click on the letters to make groups of 3.
8. Sky Writing - Choose a balloon and fly around and catch the letters of the alphabet.
9. Starfall ABCs - Click on a letter block. Learn the letter's name, the sound it makes, and what starts with that letter.
10. Theo's Puzzles - Click on letter. Do a puzzle with that letter. Listen to a movie about that letter.
11. What Letter is Missing? - Click on the letter of the alphabet that is missing.

Letter Sounds

1. ABC Match - Memory game where you match the picture to its beginning sound.
2. Chicken Coop - Click on the picture that starts with the same sound as the word you hear.
3. Clifford Letter Match - Look at the first letter in the word and put it in the correct box.
4. Clifford Sound Match - Find the words that begin with the same sound as the picture name.
5. Fuzzy Lion Ears - Listen to the clue and spell the word with the missing beginning letter.
6. Phonics Match - Match the picture with the correct phonics sound.
7. Phonics Sound - Listen to all the letters of the alphabet then do activities about letter sounds.
8. Pounce - Pounce on the word that matches the sound.
9. Quiet Machine - Click on the picture that starts with the letter given.
10. Super Why: Wonder Words Match Up - Try to find the match to the word missing its first letter.


1. Help Reggie Find the Rhyme - Click on the picture then find a rhyming word.
2. Meet the Gang - Listen to the word and find another object in the barn that rhymes.
3. Rhyme Time - Match the pictures that rhyme.
4. Rhyming - Match the pictures that rhyme.


1. Go Together - Match the pictures and words that go together.
2. Match Action - Match the picture to the correct action.
3. Picture Sequence - Order the pictures to show what comes next.
4. What's the Order? - Look at the pictures and put them in order of what happen next.

Upper Case and Lower Case Letters

1. Alphabet Zoo - Match animals starting with lowercase letters to their habitats labeled in uppercase letters.
2. Fish Food Alphabet - Click on the upper case letter and the matching lower case letter.
3. Kangaroo Confusion - Help the baby kangaroo (lower case letter) find its mother (upper case letter).
4. Leo Loves to Spell - Help Leo find the upper and lower case letters of the objects.
5. Letter Match - Paint the t-shirt with the upper case and lower case letter the same color. 
6. Monkey Match - Match upper and lower case, beginning letter sounds, or rhymes.
7. Super Why: Alpha Bricks- Find upper case and lower case letters to help build Alpha Pig's wall.
.8. Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching - Get the color back by matching the upper and lower case letters.
9. Where's My Match? - Match the upper case and lower case letters.

Word Families

1. Family Word Sort - Sort short vowel words into word families.
2. Make a Word "an" - Make words using "an".
3. Make a Word "at"- Make words using "at".
4. Make a Word "en"- Make words using "en".
5. Make a Word "et" - Make words using "et".
6. Make a Word "ig" - Make words using "ig".
7. Make a Word "ip"- Make words using "ip".
8. Make a Word "og" - Make words using "og".
9. Make a Word "ot" - Make words using "ot"
10. Make a Word "ug"- Make words using "ug".


1. Add Numbers - Count the number of objects in each group and add them together.
2. Adding Bricks - Add the two groups of bricks.
3. Bugabaloo Addition - How many shoes does each bug have.
4. Color Addition - Choose the correct addition answer and color the picture.
5. Farm Addition - Count and add the groups of chicks.
6. Little Animals Activity: Addition - Add the spots on the ladybug's back..
7. Marble Math Addition - Use marbles to help you solve addition problems.
8. Seashell Search - Practice addition facts through 10 to collect the seashells.


1. Color by Letter - Select the color to the matching letter and paint the picture.
2. Color by Number - Select the color to the matching number and paint the picture.
3. Color Factory - Learn about colors and mixing colors to paint a picture.
4. Lecky's Picture Painting - Look at the picture and paint the drawing the same colors.
5. Sort Colors - Sort the pictures by color.
6. World of Colors - Color pictures.

Counting and Group Counting

1. Count Along to 100 - Use the number chart and fill in the missing numbers.
2. Count Us In - Help the frog get across the pond by clicking on the next highest number.
3. Counting Objects - Count the objects in the picture and type the correct number.
4. Counting Sheep - Count the sheep and move them into the paddock.
5. Count Objects to Make a Graph - Count the objects in the picture and make a graph.
6. Count to 10 - Count the objects in the group then match the number to the group.
7. Counting 11-30 - Count the groups and choose the right number 11-30.
8. Finger Counting - Count the fingers, then click or type the correct number.
9. Fishin' Mission - Catch and count groups of fish.
10. How Many? - Count the objects in the picture then type the number.
11. How Many Fish?- Count the fish then click on the number.
12. Identifying Numbers - Listen or count the objects given, then click on the matching number.
13. Juggling George - One-to-one correspondence. Count the pieces of fruit the man tells you to give George.
Number Order 

1. Balloon Pop Order - Pop the balloons in order from smallest to biggest.
2. Connect the Numbers 1-20 - Connect the numbers in the right order to make a picture.
3. Connect the Numbers 1-30 - Connect the numbers in the right order to make a picture.
4. Connect the Numbers 1-40 - Connect the numbers in the right order to make a picture.
5. Connect the Numbers 1-50 - Connect the numbers in the right order help the shark find his friends.
6. Mend the Number Square - Put the number in the correct place to repair the number grid.
7. Monkey Number Order - Put the numbers in order.
8. Number Basics - Listen or count the objects, then click on the matching number.
9. Number Series - Put the number pieces of the game in order from 1 up to 45. 
10. Number Track - Choose level 1, 2 or 3 and put the number tiles in order up to 20.
11. Stacker - Put the letter or number blocks in the right order.
12. Starfish Theater- Click the fish holding the number that comes next.
13. What Number is Missing - Click on the number that is missing.
14. Whack a Mole - Whack the mole with the number that comes next.

Number Recognition
1. Greenelle's Numbers - Help Greenelle count her toys.
2. Learn Numbers - Learn the numbers 1-10 while you watch a movie and do activities.
3. Learn to Write Numbers - Learn to write the numbers 0-9.
4. Number and Number Words - Match the number word with its number. 
5. Number Learning Video - Learn numbers by watching a video about the numbers 1-10.
6. Number Recognition - Identify the numbers 0-9. 


1. Bead Patterns - Look at the string of colored beads. Complete the pattern.
2. Make a Pattern - Click on the object that comes next in the pattern.
3. Moon Rock Patterns - Click on the colored moon rock to continue the pattern.
4. Pattern Blocks - Use pattern block manipulatives to create pictures.
5. Pattern Match - Look at the given pattern, click on the shape that's missing.
6. Railroad Patterns - Fill in the missing railroad track with the next pattern block.
7. String of Beads - Look at the pattern, then copy it.
8. What Comes Next? - Click on the pattern blocks that come next.

1. Hungry Frog - Learn about different shapes and help the frog catch them.
2. I Love Shapes - Help George catch the colored shapes.
3. I Spy Shapes - Find the hidden shapes in the pictures.
4. Learn Shapes - Drag and drop pictures to match same shapes.
5. Loading Shapes - Drag the object that is the same shape to the truck.
6. Match Shape - Rearrange the characters so they don't get smashed with the falling shapes.
7. Pop a Balloon - Pop balloons with the color given.
8. Purpy's Shapes - Do fun activities with circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals and more!
9. Shape Game - Listen to the shape name given then click on the shape.
10. Shape Sorter - Play a memory game by matching the shapes.
11. Shape vs. Shadow - Match the shapes according to their size.
12. Shapes - Listen to this online story about different shapes.


1. Apples and Bananas - Sort the apples and bananas.
2. Bar Graph Sorter - Sort shapes by color.

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