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Writing and Poetry
Biography, Character and Story Tools

Book Cover Creator - Type and illustrate front book covers, front and back covers, and full dust jackets.
Character Trading Cards
- Create character sketches and print them into trading cards
Cube Creator - Create and print a Biography, Mystery, Story, or Custom cube.

Museum Box - Organize images, text, sounds, videos, files and links to create a file box of a person's life.
Story Map - An organizer focused on the key elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution development.
Storystarters - Story starter creator: format of a letter, newspaper, notebook or postcard.

Acrostic Poem - Write an acrostic poem about any topic.
Diamante Poem - A seven line diamond poem that uses different parts of speech, to describe one topic or two.
- Interactive site to create your own poem.
Poetry For Kids - Listen, watch, explore, and write different types of poetry.
Poetry Idea Engine - Tool to help you write poetry.
Shape Poems - Create a poem in the shape of sports, celebrations, nature or school themes.

Reading Comprehension and Read Aloud Stories

Amusement Park - Reading comprehension story for grades 4 on up.
Children's Storybooks - Read a variety of children's books online.
Highlights for Kids - Read stories online.
International Children's Digital Library - Read stories from around the world in their native language.
Making Pancakes - Reading comprehension story and quiz for 2nd grade on up.
Mighty Book - Short stories, songs, games for all kinds of books.
New Computer - Reading comprehension story for 3rd grade on up.
Reading Comprehension: First Grade - Read the sentence. Then answer the question about sentence you just read.
Rules of Ping Pong - Reading comprehension for grades 5 on up.

Arthur's E-Cards - Type and send e-cards to your friends and family.
- Creative writing tool where classmates write chapters of books, vote on submissions, and publish.
Fact Frenzy Learn how to take notes.
Future Me - Write a email to yourself and have it delivered in the future. Great for goal setting!

Letter Generator
- Write your own friendly letter using a heading, salutation, body, closing and signature.
Postcard Creator
- Identify all the parts of a postcard then create your own postcard by typing a message.
You've Got Braille
- Type a message and have it translated into braille. Print if you want.

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